EHLF Homeless Coalition Needs Your Help!

Last year our newly formed coalition found success in the formidable task of fundraising to bring a full time homeless services outreach team to our area. Since then we have enacted an action plan to address some of the problems associated with homelessness that affect our neighborhood quality of life. Most recently EHLF hosted a “Forum on Homelessness” with Councilmember O’Farrell and Councilmember Ryu as well as representatives from LAPD, LAHSA, The United Way and Housingworks. Our group is continuing its commitment to develop effective strategies for helping both housed and homeless residents affected by the current crisis, but we need help:

PROMOTION - Please consider even a small donation to help us get the word out. Increasing our reach is crucial to growing a more inclusive, robust and effective coalition. Click “donate” on our website and choose the option that works best.

ADVOCACY - Help us petition for a better community by joining our website. Stay informed about EHLF activity and be counted among those who are concerned and want change. Just enter your info to “Get in touch with us today” on our website.

ACTION - Get involved by attending any of our monthly meetings. Learn about the issues and participate in helping create solutions. Find the time and place of our next meeting on our website. 

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